Wire Stocking Programs

S&W Wire understands how important having magnet wire ready for production is and how much production time and money is lost when you don't have it. We also understand that many customers do not want to stock large inventories that take up space and sit on your books as static inventory.

That's why we created magnet wire stocking programs that get you the product you need in the amounts you need in the time that you need it. Simply stated, we can create a custom stocking program that synchronizes your production needs with our inventory. We work with you to determine your inventory schedule and then keep a regular supply of magnet wire in the amount you need and can ship or deliver it in anticipation of your production schedule.

Even if you only order a small amount of magnet wire on a regular basis we are happy to talk with you and offer a wire stocking solution that works for you.


For more information about setting up a wire stocking program for your company please call 724-772-0049 or click here to contact us or request a quote
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